Top Libraries In US

Who says only a book lover can enjoy libraries and other literary landmarks?

Who says it is only privately funded University libraries that have grandiosity worth seeing? There are many public libraries all over the country that should be on a must visit the list of people. From historical to monumental to quaint, many public libraries are worthy of a trip. In here we give you the top 2 libraries open to the general public in the US.

  • The Library Of Congress in Washington DC is magnificence to withhold. Sadly, only earnest and authentic researchers are allowed inside the reading room. All others have to be content with viewing it through the balcony. Situated near the US capitol, the landmark library has a Great Hall filled with sculptures, marbles, and columns that enchant the eye. The grand staircase of the library is reminiscent of the Paris Opera House that evokes a feeling of luxury and opulence.
  • The Central Library in Los Angeles, California is another public building that should be on a must visit list. Every ornament of the library is filled with symbolism. Every alcove seems to hold a mystical feel. With pyramid ingrained in the roof and a Star of Ishtar studded in the tiled floor, the library transports you to an Egyptian era.