Kate Fuller
As a child I, Ela Jonas, never envisioned that my life would take me to a library. I was never fond of books as a young person. But college changed my outlook. Books became my reason for living and since I was living hand to mouth libraries turned out to be my hotspot. The love of books turned into an admiration for libraries which transformed into a zeal to help young people.
I took my passion and began to use it to mentor school going children. I volunteered in as many libraries possible to be part of summer programs that are aimed towards reviving the joy of libraries. Today, I work in one of the best libraries in the nation to aid students in completing the homework.
The exposure my work and desire to help other has given me proved that not everyone is aware of the summer programs and assistance libraries provide. Therefore, I started this website. Through the online platform, I tender information and knowledge related to libraries such as homework-help model they use and the programs they offer during vacations.
I anticipate that the site evokes a love of books in every reader just as it bloomed in me, once upon a time.