Chicago Public Library Home Work Help Model

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Majority of public libraries in the US have either an online or offline version of homework assistance. For example, in rural locations libraries give students access to high-speed internet that they are unable to find at home which helps in completing their assigned homework said Paul Leary from Are you on page 1. Some libraries have an after-school program that designates a particular tutor or assistant (who has volunteered) to students. These instructors give personalized help to children in school assignments. One such model, which has seen incredible success, is utilized by the Public Library of Chicago.

The program called Teacher in the Library has an undergraduate student from the University of Illinois located at Chicago acting as an instructor for school students. The undergraduate student gains teaching experience through the program and gets college credits that are considered in their teaching certification. The school going students get help and guidance in completing their homework. The program began with funding from the Chicago Public Library Foundation. Today, the famous model has been incorporated in more than 55 branches of the library.

Other universities in other cities of the country would benefit a lot by emulating the Teacher in the Library program and so would primary education students.