The Prizes Of Summer Reading Programs

Summer reading programs are fun ways of exploring books, but they are also excellent methods for getting your hands on some prizes. For signing up, for reading, for listening to audio books, to reading to others or listening to others read to you, one can earn points for all these things and get incentives or prizes. The program is open for all ages, and one can sign up online or by visiting a library.

The two-month long program offers prizes when someone signs-up, reaches the mid-point mark and completes the program. In most cases, the points are earned as followed:

  • Teenagers and adults have to read eight books to complete the program.
  • Preschool children, i.e., below the age of 5 finish the program after they have read or listened for 12 hours.
  • School going children, i.e., ages 5 to 10 need to finish 18 hours of reading or hearing to book to complete the program.
  • Children from the ages of 10 to 13 have to fulfill 24 hours of reading books or listening to books to finish the summer program.

The grouping is flexible, and a parent can pick which category to enroll their child based on the reading capacity.