Challenges of Finding Adequate Homework Help

For some librarians, the reference material they provide to children is adequate enough to be considered as a homework centre. For others, a collection of computers that have the entire curriculum is sufficient. But the reality is that the right homework help can only be given by an adult. Without a volunteer or a staff member, students are not motivated to complete their work. A peer or an adult is needed by most young children to keep them on track. Furthermore, there some problems that can only be solved through human supervision like validation and motivation to succeed.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of challenges when it comes to staffing for homework assistance. Maintaining volunteer or paid workforce that is more than enough to handle a large number of students who come to a library to finish homework is near impossible. Libraries do not have the budget to hire even part-time employees that can help school going children with their work. Another issue is that libraries do not have the power or time first to recruit and then train volunteers that may act as homework assistants. These challenges have left libraries understaffed and students without the necessary guidance when it comes to completing homework assignments.